5 Ways to Use Up Your Ripe Bananas

While busy with my very large watermelon, I completely forgot about a bunch of bananas I have. Now I have some very ripe bananas that I need to figure out something for very quickly. I started looking back on recipes I posted in the past using bananas and I thought I would post a few as well as give you some ideas of what to do when you have one too many bananas.

5 Ways to Use Up Your Ripe Bananas

1. Make a Sandwich

Make a peanut butter and banana sandwich or better yet, make a banana and Nutella sandwich. The bananas in your creamy sandwich will not only add to the taste but also to the nutrients of your meal.

2. Make Fritters

Smash up your bananas and make sweet banana fritters. They are fun to eat and go really fast.

3. Make Banana Hair Mask

Banana Hair Mask will hydrate dull or dry hair and bring life back to it with a healthy shine. Get the recipe for Banana Hair Mask at Hair Buddha.

4. Feed Bananas to Your Dog

It’s ok to give bananas to your dog and dogs love bananas. However, be careful, just like humans bananas fed in excess can lead to constipation for dogs and dog owners should never feed their dog a banana peel. Make a banana doggy treat ensure that you don’t over feed your dog bananas.

5. Tenderize a Roast

If you’re planning a roast for dinner, this may be a good way to use up your bananas. Asian countries use banana leaves to cook with and they also say that the banana itself also has tenderizer abilities. So the next time you fear the roast you’re cooking will turn tough on you, try softening it up by adding a ripe, peeled banana to the pan.

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