5 Great Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday. When all the world becomes Irish and we are surrounded by green hues. Whether you are Irish or not, in the United States almost everyone gets into the Irish sprit. Streets are full of parades and bars become Irish pubs. There is a lot of rowdy fun on this day. Along with the celebrations of the day everyone wants everything to be green including the food. There is a lot more you can do with food besides green colored deviled eggs. I have some natural recipes that embalms the color green.

Avocado Toast

poached egg avocado toast

Start your day off with healthy Avocado Toast. The bright green will enliven your day and the rich creamy poached egg on top gives you the protein you need to start off your day right.

Pistachio Soup


Pistachio soup is a pretty green and the nutty soup will fill you up for either lunch or dinner.

Rustic Lemon Basil Sauce

basil and olive oil

If you are having a party, then this Rustic Lemon Basil Sauce will be perfect for dipping breads into. Its vivacious flavor and pretty green color will be perfect on your St. Patrick’s Day table.

Pistachio Brownie Pudding


For your St. Patrick’s Day desert table, Pistachio Brownie Pudding is simply delectable.

Irish Cream Ice Cream

Irish Cream Pistachio Ice Cream

You can’t end your St. Patrick’s Day without some Irish Cream and Irish Cream Ice Cream is perfect to wind down your day with. The coming of Spring is alive in the air as the days are heating up and cooling Irish Cream Ice Cream is a wonderful treat.

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