Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection – Day 19 Repairing the Big Disconnects

Relationships are laboratories of the spirit. Acknowledging the realities of discord is the way to reunite. Nothing is settled unless there is a change of heart from both sides. It takes expanded awareness to reach the connections underneath the discord because discord makes us retreat into a selfish stance. There are essential steps on the path to peace. First and most essential to conflict resolution is the willingness to keep on listening, as no one reconnects until they feel heard. Secondly, there must be sincere respect for the other persons point of view. Thirdly, common interest must be established as a basis of resolving the conflict and creating peace.  Everything leads back to the true self as the source of inner peace and reaching peace in the outer world.


Day 19 – Repairing the Big Disconnects

My path leads me to be connected with everyone.

Om Mitraya (I invoke the spirit of friendliness.)

Sometimes, in spite of our vision of unity, we need to acknowledge places where there are long-standing and deeply entrenched divisions. These big disconnects need to be addressed directly to find common ground and resolve conflict.

Today’s meditation gives us three keys to resolving conflict: real listening, respect for the other side’s perspective, and finding common interest.

Journal Reflection Questions:

1. Reflect on the world at large and its discord, divisions, and us-versus-them attitudes. List the three or four instances that regularly make you angry and upset, such as war, religious intolerance, or political issues. Now, next to each of these instances, write one thing you can do personally to help bring healing. Remember that peace begins within. For example, if you are upset by religious intolerance, you can practice non-judgment and acceptance when someone expresses their beliefs to you.
2. Think of a person in your life who is creating obstacles, resistance, or negative feelings. Write down all the things that you see are wrong in your relationship with them. For each issue – without blaming yourself or the other person – journal about what would be the best outcome that would satisfy both of you. Sitting quietly, envision this outcome. See both of you becoming happy with the outcome. Know that starting today, you can take small steps to achieve this list of outcomes, acting as the change agent who can accomplish the goal through expanded consciousness.
3. Journal about the emotional debt you are holding in your relationships, which means any resentment, anger, hurt feelings, blame, guilt, or inner conflict you still feel. Sit with your eyes closed and visualize a situation that brings up a negative emotion you are holding. See yourself and the other person as clearly as you can; feel the emotion that comes up. Now write out and then say to yourself, “I’m not that person anymore.” Starting today, any time the negative emotion returns, you can take a moment to repeat this mantra, which helps to free up emotional debt. In truth you aren’t that person who reacted in the past and you no longer have to carry emotional debts. Journal about how your life would be different by not carrying emotional baggage.
4. Reflect further on your experience today.

“Love is the strongest medicine. It is more powerful than electricity.” – Neem Karoli Baba

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