21-Day Meditation Experience, Making Every Moment Matter: Day 10 – Time Is Your Creation, to Shape and Play With

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Day 10 – Time Is Your Creation, to Shape and Play With

I play creatively in the field of time.

Dharma Hum (I am aligned with the flow of life.)

Message of the Day

In today’s meditation, we learn that by changing our beliefs about time, we gain creative control over time. When we step into present-moment awareness, we open ourselves to the infinite creative possibilities of the now. This is how present time can inspire us, refresh us, and allow the qualities of our true self – such as love, joy, and understanding – to shine through.

Journal Questions

  1. One way to use time creatively is to make it your goal to be refreshed every day. Describe some appealing ways you can do this, such as getting a massage, taking relaxing breaks for several minutes a day, trying new foods, or dressing with more color.
  2. You also have the power for deeper renewal every day. The enemy of renewal is the old, so write down some old habits, beliefs, behaviors, etc. that feel too stale to continue. These could be complaining about politics, joining in hurtful gossip, letting someone else run you down, or spending time with people who drain your energy.
  3. Now that you are more aware of some things you want to let go of, choose at least one and jot down a few action steps to move towards this goal.
  4. Reflect further on your experience today.

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