21-Day Meditation Experience: Hope in Uncertain Times – Day 3 Turning Doubt and Uncertainty into Hope

As we begin on the third day of our meditation practice, you may be wondering what the Mantra is for. These are Sanskrit syllables that have been carefully selected to compliment the meditation. They work with and empower the teaching of the day. As you silently repeat the mantra during meditation you quiet your mind, experience a deeper awareness, and discover your true nature.
Repetition of the mantra helps you move beyond your thoughts and access the stillness within and the mental vibration created by the mantra allows your mind to access pure awareness. When you use your mantra daily during meditation, the mantra helps your body, mind, and spirit relax into their true essence of pure potentiality and happiness.


“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bernard Williams 

Message of the Day

“Self-doubt and fear in the face of uncertainty can paralyze us and blind us to the good options that are available. Even in the midst of doubt and uncertainty, we always have within us the creative capacity to meet the situation and make use of it for our personal development and growth.

In today’s meditation, we find that when hope is awakened in the silence of meditation, we become self-confident and fearless. This allows us to look at uncertainty calmly and clearly, and to find the opportunities for growth and new possibilities.”

Hope makes me strong and secure.
Eem Hreem Kleem
I radiate confidence and strength.

Reflection Journal Questions

  1. Taking responsibility for your own life opens the way for hope to support you. Write down three recent events that have been difficult for you. Then, shut your eyes and envision each one, taking a few deep breaths if there is emotional charge around them. Say to yourself, “That’s where I was then. I am in a new place now.” Write down how your new place feels. For example, I am not as angry, I don’t feel resentful anymore, the hurt is getting better. In this way, you accept where you are now rather than dwelling on the past.
  2. When things aren’t going your way at work or in a relationship, what is your reaction? These are periods of uncertainty, difficult times when things are in transition. Journal about such a situation and your typical reaction. Now take a breath and connect to your creative core self, and imagine a different reaction that would allow you to feel hopeful and capable. Write down this reimagined outcome.
  3. An attitude of openness makes every day hopeful, while expectations close the door. Describe three things you feel uncertain about at work, in your relationships, or in the world at large. For each one, write down your expectations, both good and bad. Now read these over and say to yourself, “I am open to any possibility. I release my expectations and let go of them.”
  4. Reflect further on your experience today.

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