21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 3 – The Source and Goal of Desire

Day 3 The Source and Goal of Desire

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Message of the Day

Your true self is not only the beginning of desire, it is also the end, or fulfillment, of desire. This infinite potential, energy, and intelligence of unbounded consciousness is the real energy of attraction. Today we will discover that we don’t need to do anything, or go anywhere to access the energy of attraction. It is our own true self.

In today’s meditation, we will awaken this energy of attraction within, and harness its power to bring our desires to fulfillment. This activation of desire at its source sets the direction for our thoughts and actions to lead it toward its actualization. Attaining the goal of our desires brings an inner fulfillment and contentment that returns us again to our silent source of awareness.


My true self contains every possibility.


Ananta Swa Bhava

My Being is without beginning or end.

(This mantra awakens your truth to the higher potentiality of your higher self.  As you repeat the mantra, know and feel the unbounded possibilities you hold within your own consciousness.)

Journal Questions

List three things you truly wish you could have in your life, but believe to be unattainable, so you have resigned yourself to not having them.

Write down the reasons why you believe these desires will not manifest.

Now list two creative ways in which Nature could arrange for you to get your desired wishes. If you can imagine a couple of ways, the infinite intelligence can certainly make it happen when the time and circumstances are right.

Reflect further on your experience today.

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