21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 20 – Finding Your Freedom

Day 20 – Finding Your Freedom

“No one else can choose your attitude for you. Your perspective and choice of attitude gives you the power to be in control.” — Irene Dunlap

Message of the Day

Today we will learn about playing our role as a creative participant in life from a state of pure freedom. When you become comfortable creating from the silence of your unbounded awareness, you experience true freedom. This is more than the freedom to create whatever you desire – it is also freedom from the attachment to your desires and manifestations.Today’s meditation connects you to this state of creativity in perfect freedom. Each time you meditate, your consciousness expands and you move closer and closer to your true state of spiritual freedom: enlightenment.

I manifest my desires in freedom.

Parameshwari Namah
My true self has unlimited creative power

Journal Questions

As we master the art of manifesting our desires, we ultimately become free from the grip of desires. Describe any difficulties you have had, or still have, with desires that have become powerful cravings or addictions. These are desires for happiness that got confused and diverted from their source and have become a kind of bondage.

Even desires that don’t rise to the level of addictions can become a constriction of one’s mental and emotional freedom. This is due to the ego identifying with those desires, and therefore one’s happiness depends on what happens or doesn’t happen. Knowing your true self breaks that bondage of ignorance and sets you free, write about an experience of freedom that resulted from realizing something you thought was very necessary was, in actuality, not important at all.

Write about an experience in meditation or outside of meditation where you felt your inner self grow stronger, and your ego mind become less important. The key factor to become aware of is that aligning with the power of the universe is reaching the level of self-awareness that pierces the illusion of importance the ego has built up.

Reflect further.

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