21-Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 2 – The Spirit of Desire

Today we continue to discover our soul purpose and create a life in which things are attainable.

Day 2 – The Spirit of Desire

“It is an awesome thing to comprehend that what a human being dreams and imagines can be realized.” ― Vanna Bonta

Message of the Day

Today we will look at desire as the primal creative energy within us, and at the heart of creation. Desire is the feeling force of life itself. As we tap into this powerful life force, we want to make sure that what we manifest is not only positive and life-supporting in our lives, but for everyone else as well. To do that, we need to create from the level of intelligence of Nature that already upholds and harmoniously integrates all the diversity of the cosmos.

This isn’t just the easiest way to manifest desires that are beneficial for everyone – it’s really the only way to create in a way that that is in accord with all the other forces of evolution. Our silent awareness is aligned with the infinite intelligence of Nature, and our small ego mind isn’t. Today in meditation we will contact that source of desire – the source of thought, deep within awareness. Then as desire sprouts from that silence, it will attract all the nourishment and guidance it needs to manifest.


My desires make me feel alive.


Rasa Hum

I am the essence of life.

(Rasa is the essential quality or emotional flavor of life.  This mantra connects you with the vital energy of feeling of life itself.)

Oprah states that having hopes, desires, and ambitions is what makes you human, and it isn’t vain or self-centered. This is part of life’s natural rhythm and the true challenge is to nurture the truest and most authentic desires that are within you to fulfill you and do good for others.

Deepak Chopra on a deeper understanding of the creative life-supporting nature of desire:

“In order to master the art of desire, the first step is to be judgement-free.  Many people feel guilty about their desires or think they want more than they deserve but in reality, desire is natural and necessary to life.  We all want to attract more of the good things in life.  The energy of attraction is neutral – you can attract positive or negative results.  Our goal is to make every result positive, life-supporting and powerful.  The highest desire you can have is to grow and evolve…………….Once you stop judging your desires, you will realize that you’re designed to fulfill your intentions.  You begin to ask for what you want.  You do what it takes to get what you want. You plan your whole life around desires.  Therefore, becoming skilled at achieving your intentions is a worthy goal.  It doesn’t make you a selfish or greedy person.  When negativity is attached to desire, intentions can run into trouble.  They become misguided or harmful, desperate, frustrated and unfulfilled.  These problems don’t arise when desire is self-supporting.  Without desire, our existence would be flat, inert and uninteresting.  So the second step in harnessing the energy of attraction is to celebrate the fact that you have wishes, hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Inside your awareness lies the means to make any possibility come true.

Journal Questions

Write about what your life would look like if you had no desires, no interests, no passions, no hopes or dreams or ambitions. This will help you to see clearly how desires give juice and joy to life.

Describe three situations in which your desire created a positive outcome in your life that was even better than what you anticipated. Write down any ways in which the universe provided that you were not necessarily expecting.

The energy of desire is a powerful force that can develop a momentum and life of its own. Write about a time when you saw this power unfold in your own life. Like other forces of nature, we need to respect its power.

Reflect further on your experience today.

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