21- Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 16 – Trusting Nature’s Course

Day 16 – Trusting Nature’s Course

“A thought is a Cosmic Order waiting to happen.” — Stephen Richards

Message of the Day

Today we will learn how to trust in the infinite intelligence of Nature to manifest our desires in the way that serves our highest needs. We will learn to let go of our need to control and the “us-versus-them” philosophy in fulfilling our desires. The easiest way to overcome these mental boundaries is to expand our awareness by experiencing the quieter, more universal levels of our mind. This is where our desires and the desires of others find common ground. In today’s meditation, we will put our desires under the guidance of our cosmic self, the place where the universe and all individual selves meet. We can trust in this level of life to handle all the details of manifesting our desires because we are really trusting our deepest self. It is the same intelligence that governs and orchestrates all the diversity in creation.

Everyone’s spiritual path is perfect.

Gum Namah
As my consciousness grows, obstacles disappear.

Journal Questions

Trusting the course of Nature means accepting that everything is unfolding in the way, and in the time, that is best for all involved. This can be hard to accept in your own life, but even harder to accept in the lives of others. We often believe we know what is best for them. Today in your journal, write down what you believe a good friend should do to fix an issue in their life – perhaps a relationship problem or career dilemma. Now write to yourself that you don’t really know what is best for your friend, or what the right spiritual growth is for him or her. But you can trust that your friends higher self does know and is guiding him or her, and that is Nature’s course.

When you let go of ego control and judgment, not only do your mind and heart open up, but your body and breathing also become calm and relaxed. As you release your ego judgments about your friend’s life situation, notice how your emotions and thought patterns change. Pay attention to how your muscles relax and your breath opens up. Write down any other changes you observe.

Envision a mind/body state where you trust that everyone is perfect just as they are and evolving exactly as they need. How would this change your relationships with them? With yourself?

Reflect further on your experience today.

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