21- Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 15 – Sharing Your Happiness

Day 15 – Sharing Your Happiness

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Message of the Day

Welcome to week three of our Meditation Experience. We are ready to learn how to expand our individual desires for happiness so that they include those around us. We all want the best for everyone around us, and we want everyone to be happy. But it is impractical to try to make others happy by fulfilling their desires one-by-one. However, if we can connect to the fundamental existence of others through experience of our own existence or pure consciousness, then our individual fulfillment and happiness is shared with them at that deep connected level of existence. In today’s meditation, we will open ourselves up to this core experience of Being, where our inner fulfillment and happiness can be shared with others within the unbounded field of universal consciousness.

The happiness of others is my own happiness.

Brahm Ananda
My happiness expands to all.

Journal Questions

We share our happiness with others by expanding our desire for happiness to include them. By transcending the ego, we learn to desire from that place where there is no separation between me and you. Describe a situation in your past with someone you love, in which your desire for happiness was so big that it was also a selfless desire for their happiness.

Thinking of that same situation, recall the state of mind and heart you were experiencing at that time. Write down your memories, emotions, and physical sensations. Know that this expanded desire for happiness that includes others is always available to you in the silence of your soul.

When those around you are happy, it increases and expands your desire for happiness even more. Write of a time when you made a child or a close friend happy. How did you feel in return?

Reflect further on your experience.

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