21- Day Meditation Experience, Energy of Attraction: Day 14 – Spiritual Manifestation

Day 14 – Spiritual Manifestation

“All life is a manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of love.” — Morihei Ueshiba

Message of the Day

Congratulations on completing another week of our Meditation Experience. This week we have explored in detail the mechanics of manifestation and the art of desiring. Today’s meditation will explore spiritual manifestation. This means that what we bring forth in our desires is spiritually nourishing to us, and those around us. Too often the tools of manifestation aim no further than getting a better car, house, or partner. But when you learn to desire from your true self, these same desires will also bring you closer to your spiritual aspirations of greater love, joy, inspiration, and spiritual freedom. Our meditation today connects us to our pure spiritual self. As our consciousness wakes up to its true nature, our mind and emotions begin to reveal their latent spiritual qualities as well: love, compassion, inspiration, wisdom, and peace.

Fulfilling my dreams fulfills my spirit.

Shreem Namah
I radiate spiritual and material abundance.

Journal Questions

For many people, fulfilling desires initially means manifesting the material things we want, and spiritual considerations are secondary. But as we get more of our physical needs met, the spiritual aspect of manifestation becomes more important. Write a little in your journal about the growth of your spiritual values.

When we desire from our true self, the entire process of manifestation is spiritual. It begins in pure spirituality and culminates in universal spirit. We don’t have to worry about trying to make our desires “good” or “altruistic” – that is automatically factored in when we find our source of being in cosmic intelligence. There is no clear separation of spiritual and non-spiritual, because all life is lived in the light of spirit. Write a few lines in your journal about how this might change your concept of what spirituality means for you.

Did you have any breakthrough ideas or “aha” experiences this week that shifted your views on manifesting desires? Write them down in your journal and include any personal insights that came to you.

Reflect further on your experience

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