12 Days of Christmas Popcorn Swap – 2014

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I’m a real push over for the holidays.  I love to revere every little tradition and carry it out with warmth and elegance.  I’ve always associated the holiday season with plenty of baking and I think holiday cookie swaps are so much fun to get us into the spirit.  Cookies are an iconic part of the holiday table.  After all, it’s Santa’s favorite and cookie exchanges are a century-old tradition in which participants bake dozens of their favorite cookie, then take them to a party where guests trade their cache and wind up with a variety of cookies from everybody else.  Did you know that cookie exchanges first surfaced during WWII?  They were not necessarily connected with Christmas, rather fund raising bake sales, but what better reason to bake than for charity during the holidays and take part in a fun exchange.

Times have changed and many of us try to stay healthy throughout the holiday season.  Several batches of cookies to take home definitely is not helpful in these efforts.  Many people are starting to do soup exchanges, it’s perfect for staying warm while you wrap those Christmas presents, but I think a gourmet popcorn swap would be so much fun.  For me the holidays are also about catching classic Christmas flicks, and cuddling up with a bowl of popcorn is every bit a part of the holiday season.  A variety of gourmet popcorn for my movie nights is the ultimate holiday treat and gift in my opinion.

It occurred to me that many of us who are dedicated to blogging, may not have an opportunity for personal interactions with each other or to even drop off a holiday treat to our fellow blogger during the holidays.  In an effort to make the season brighter for my fellow bloggers and loyal readers, I thought it might be fun to do an internet popcorn swap.

I’m calling it 12 Days of Christmas Popcorn Swap because to keep this intimate, I would like to include 12 participants in this swap.  Also, I’m a newcomer to the food blogging scene, so I think 12 is a reasonable expectation for submissions and a manageable number in the spirit of the “12 Days of Christmas”.

Here is How the 12 Days of Christmas Popcorn Swap Works

Submit your popcorn recipe using the form bellow.  The first 12 different submissions by December 1st 2014 will be accepted and then I will start popping that corn.

Why Participate in Swap?

Get Connected and Exposure to Your Website 

1. The 12 participants, their recipes and websites with link will be featured in a post as participants in our first holiday popcorn swap with the pictures of the gourmet popcorn I whip up and post about.

2. All 12 participants will receive an assortment of 12 bags of holiday popcorn by mail no later than Christmas Eve.  That way you get a taste of each recipe and can decide which ones you want to make for the holidays.  If you prefer, you can have the popcorn mailed to an alternate address as a gift to anyone you have in mind (if you want to mail to troops or outside the United States, please contact me first).

All I ask is you submit recipes that are true to your heart and original.  If your special family popcorn recipe is someone else’s recipe, please give credit to that person or website.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and and follow this blog, so that you can find out if you are selected to participate in the swap.

Let’s Get Poppin’

Submit Your 12 Days Of Christmas Popcorn Recipe

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